Why Choose Polywood Outdoor Furniture

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Product Description

History of Polywood In Australia

Despite popular belief polywood outdoor furniture has been around for several years now. When it was first released by the big furniture wholesalers into Australia back in 2007 -2008, There were many reports of warping and weathering poorly. However since that time we have seen polywood or otherwise know as faux wood and resinwood successfully introduced for an alternative for timber decking. Since 2010 Polywood has returned to the outdoor furniture field without the quality issues experienced earlier.

Why Choose Polywood

Natural timber outdoor furniture has increased in popularity greatly in the past 5 years and so has faux wood. Although natural timber is simply beautify and is an ageless material design it does have its drawbacks such as oiling and occasional sanding. Faux wood on the other has is essentially maintenance free. You can unpack the polywood outdoor furniture and place it in position without the need to cover, oil or sand it. We are so confident in our polywood furniture that’s why we offer 3 years warranty on all the polywood and not just the frame.

Resinwood is perfect for hotels, clubs and heavy commercial use. Premium Patio has successfully supplied Golf clubs, a Nightclub and cafes. Families also find polywood a great alternative to timber as it can withstand all that a growing family can throw at it. The other advantages of polywood furniture are that it’s constructed around fully anodised aluminium frame that won’t rust and can handle all weather elements. Polywood furniture required little or no assembly.

Want To Know More

Premium Patio Furniture has a great range of polywood outdoor furniture. With a selection of dining settings and faux wood / aluminium lounges. You can see our range of faux wood in our Alexandria showroom Sydney alternatively click the “ABOUT US” and click media on the drop down menu, there you will find videos on Polywood outdoor furniture.

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