Sunstrip Platinum Outdoor Radiant Heater 2400W – Remote / Timer / Climate Control


Why would you pay for $499 or $599 for a strip heater with limited functions when you can enjoy all the features of the SunStrip Platinum Radiant Heater for much less. The SunStrip Platinum offers a wide selection of features that cannot be found on many strip heaters. Features include remote control with command over the heater allowing you to turn the heater on / off as well as set your desired temperature. You can easily set the heater to turn off automatically after 1 to 9 hours. In the event you plan to have a party or big weekend lunch, before hand set it to turn off automatically and relax knowing it will turn off by itself.

Because the Sun Strip is much more effective than traditional heaters it does not waste energy heating the air. Conventional outdoor heaters tend to heat the air which is quickly lost with the next gust of wind. The Sun Strip Platinum heats people directly in the path of the heater making it more effective, suitable for exposed areas and more cost effective. The Sun Strip 2400w cost around 50 cents per hour where those tall mushroom heaters using LPG cost around $2.70 per hour.

The SunStrip Platinum is more compact than previous designs and is a stylish addition to any alfresco area. This platinum model is so thin customers often mistake it for an outdoor speaker. You can see the Sunstrip for yourself at our Alexandria showroom 7 days a week. We also offer fast delivery Australia wide.

Why buy from us:
The SunStrip Platinum is only of of two retailers with these new design heaters in Australia. The identical heater is available at a large retailer for $399 plus an expensive delivery fee. Premium Patio has been supplying outdoor radiant heater throughout Australia for 5 years and buys in bulk from the factory not the wholesaler to offer quality for less.

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Product Description

• Non rust aluminium construction
• Stylish and slimline curved design
• Includes remote control with multiple functions
• Adjustable timer allows automatic turn off with 1 – 9 hours
• Features large inbuilt digital LCD display
• Thermostat allows you to preset your desired temperature
• IXP44 rated making it suitable for weather exposed areas
• Comes with regular plug so doesn’t need to be hardwired
• Can be hardwired if desired
• There is no moving parts to ensure long lasting durability
• Suitable for wall or ceiling mounting
• Heats an area of 3.5M x 2.5M
• Ideal for residential and commercial use
• Non glowing, no light and maintenance free
• Easy DIY installation for both 1800w and 2400w models
• Cost effective to operate only 48cents – 55cents per hour
• Overheat safety protection
• Comprehensive 12 months warranty
• Additional 12 months replacement warranty only $90
• Can be mounted between 2.1m – 2.7m high
• Unlike many gas heaters the radiant heat is conducted to the people below and not the surrounds making it more effective than conventional patio heaters

Please Note

• These heaters are great but do not perform mircles, You can expect the ambient room temprature to increase around 8 – 12 degrees. For example if it’s 15 degrees before activating the heater you can expect the room temprature to reach 23 – 27 degress once the heater has powered up and had time to heat the area.

• Please note the above is the direct heating coverage and it may vary under different conditions.

Product Video


Product Dimension

length 150cm
Height 15cm
Depth 7.4cm
Weight 6kg

In the box

• 1 remote control with battery
• 2 brackets
• 1 set of hardware
• Owners Manual
• 2400w Platinum Heater with 1.5m and plug